The bright orange MINI is a staple of Pentanet’s identity.

Words by Paul Clarke

The team at Pentanet play an instrumental role in keeping Western Australia connected to the internet, a task which has remained as important as ever in recent times.

As businesses across Perth return to a modicum of normality following the outbreak of Covid-19, the team at Pentanet know that they can rely on their MINI Cooper S 3-Door Hatch.

Pentanet’s Head of Marketing, Alison Balch, knows just how important it has become.

“The MINI is instrumental in getting us where we want to be, safely and fast too,” she said.

Being one of the most versatile vehicles in their fleet, the iconic hatch has been critical in the major marketing events of recent times for the Pentanet brand.

“There’s actually so much room in it. We take it to most Perth Wildcats games at RAC Arena, because we can fit an entire inflatable basketball game in there! We’re looking forward to getting back out on the road,” said Balch.

MINI From TowerThe popular 3-door hatch played a critical role recently during February in one of the worst storms to Perth in recent years.

Pentanet COO, Connor Llewellyn, attended one of the company’s Mindarie fixed wireless towers following a lightning strike on February 28.

His car of choice at the critical time was of course the MINI, allowing him to be at the site and oversee the resumption of normal internet service for Pentanet customers within hours.

The Cooper S features a sporty 4-cylinder engine with a turbocharger, making it ideal for quick, charismatic and fun driving.

Auto Classic MINI Garage sales manager, Eugene Perera, loves the feel and energy found in a MINI.

“It’s as ‘Zippy’ as the Pentanet internet service,” he said.

Featuring ‘Real-Time Traffic Information’ built into the MINI’s navigation, Pentanet know that wherever their customers need them, the MINI is their go-to ride to ensure that Perth remains as well connected as ever.

If you’re passionate about high-speed internet, Pentanet is here to find the best solution for your home or business!

Your MINI journey could start today at Auto Classic MINI Garage, located in Victoria Park, minutes from the bustling hub of the CBD.